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Wings of Courage Trailer

Educational videos

Learn about stories of courage from those who lived and died in the World Wars that shaped our proud nation’s course.

The Life of a Canadian Pilot Trainee

The British Royal Flying Corps establishes the First Pilot Training Program on Canadian soil in 1917.

Triplanes Rule The Skies

The First World War’s greatest flying Ace and five daring Canadian pilots take the technology of the day to new heights.

Victoria Cross Flyers

Of the more than 22,000 Canadians who fly for Britain, only three earn the distinguished Victoria Cross medal.

James David Moses

Canadian Aboriginals fight on the ground and in the air during the height of the First World War.

In Memoriam

Commemorating Canadian’s heroic feats with 13 First World War memorials erected in France and Belgium.

Canadian Air Cadets

The Canadian Air Cadets is born to meet the desperate need for operational pilots in Britain during the Second World War.