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Interested in becoming a part of this exciting project? Contact Tim Joyce from Sound Venture Productions to learn how you can help bring history to life.

Sound Venture Productions

The company leading the Nation Soars initiative. Sound Venture is producing three, one-hour FWW aviation documentaries narrated by Dan Aykroyd in English & Bernard Voyer in French. Members of Vimy Flight are featured.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Canadian Geographic Magazine

The prime co-partner with Sound Venture on the Nation Soars initiative. They have produced a wide array of educational tools and supporting articles and have a strong national distribution network to over 17,000 educators through Canadian Geographic Education.

Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)

We have commitments for the provision of logistical support such as hangar space, training facility use (Comox Air Base) and transportation to and from France.

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

VAC has made a firm commitment to include Vimy Flight in 2017 Vimy 100th anniversary observance ceremony in France. Negotiations continue on their level of support available to us.

Canadian Museum of Flight (CMF)

The major museum partner out of Langley, BC sponsoring the biplane build of 2 Sopwith Pups. These completed biplanes will join our 4 Nieuport XI aircraft on the tour. The Museum is working with numerous volunteers and with members of the Air Cadet League throughout this process.

EF Educational Tours

For over 50-years they have proudly partnered with educators to transform the way students look at the world—and themselves. Working closely with a number of educational partners including the RCGS, EF Educational Tours is planning to bring 10,000 young Canadians to Vimy in April 2017.

The Vimy Foundation

A vital educational partner to the entire Nation Soars initiative. The Foundation is dedicated to preserving and promoting Canada’s First World War legacy as symbolized with the victory at Vimy Ridge in April 1917. An significant milestone where Canada came of age and was recognized on the world stage.

The Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC)

A proud participant in the building of our two Nation Soars biplanes. The ACLC is pledging ground support at the local Vimy aerodrome in April 2017, local squadron ground support at stops across Canada in the Summer of 2017 and local publicity across the country showcasing their involvement.

Canada Aviation & Space Museum (CASM)

One of two primary national museum partners and a key supporter of Wings of Courage. CASM is working to try and exhibit and promote Vimy Flight during a marquis stop in Ottawa over the Canada Day period during their Summer 2017 tour.

The Canadian War Museum (CWM)

One of two national museum partners, the War Museum is a key partner and supporter of A Drawn to Victory.