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Biplane build

Within the backdrop of The Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley, B.C., a dedicated and passionate group of pilots and volunteers, who have built and fly four replica FWW aircraft, bring in Air Cadets to experience the building of two new replica FWW Sopwith Pups. During these builds, the Air Cadets physically and emotionally connect to what it was like 100-years ago as the story unites the youth of the past with the youth of the present. Below is a gallery featuring photos of the build and the unveiling of the planes.

The ultimate vision for the new replica Sopwith Pups is that they join an existing FWW replica Canadian squadron to take part in the centenary observance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge at the Vimy memorial in France in April 2017. For one brief moment Canada’s biplane squadron would return the thousands present to that momentous day for Canada 100-years ago. This would represent an incredible homage to the past while celebrating Canada for what it is today — a compassionate, outward-looking country.

The two Sopwith Pups also knit together the second and third instalments of the A Nation Soars trilogy of activities, documentaries and education resources. After their historic flight over Vimy Ridge the aircraft will embark on the Flight Path of Heroes cross-country tour and exhibit beginning in Halifax, in June 2017. They will chart a course from east to west, culminating in British Columbia in September. Each stop will be a weekend event hosted by a specific aviation museum and promoted to the local community. The Ottawa-Gatineau stop will coincide with Canada 150 celebrations, and the biplanes hope to participate in a moving commemorative Parliament Hill fly past on Canada Day 2017. For more information visit the Flight path of Heroes page.

For now, click on the photo below to enjoy the gallery.